Thursday, 12 June 2014

East End Hash

I have just stumbled round the Chris Marker show at the Whitechapel. It is a melancholic experience, you can feel he is dead. For some reason it reminds me of Annabel's photos of the photos of dead animals in a Parisian pet cemetry. It is good to see La Jetée on a big screen, although why people feel it's ok to chat through a film in a gallery, I don't know. Last night we went to see Tom Cruise look confused and no one said a word. 

Annabel is at some sort of art guru event being told how to be more successful. They are everywhere at the moment, mostly artists offering other artists a touch of their magic. Zap! pow! and you will be the next big thing. At least this one is free. I shall be leeching ideas out of Annabel later. 

Next up at 5pm is the Opening of News From Nowhere, a show at Kelmscott house touching on the lure of Utopias. 

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