Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I am planning my way round Cumbria using a guide book produced for the Festival of Britain and some old maps I have lying around. The guide book is called About Britain No. 10 The Lakes to Tyneside and has text by Sid Chaplin. Most usefully in the final pages is a Gazetteer listing:

 "places of special interest or character".

One particularly chilling description can be found under the heading Whitehaven: 

"Notable for its submarine coal workings, extending 3 miles out from the coast. The coal is shipped from the harbour".

Skimming over a more detailed map I have also found Greystoke Castle which I must visit. I was an avid Tarzan fan as a child, my favourite incarnation being Robert Ely. I may be remembering this wrongly but I'm sure he built Jane a tree house with an elephant operated lift. It was this simple piece of Flintstonian design that pleased me most.

Today, as part of my ongoing training routine, I visited a local Great House the gateposts of which I'm sure Tarzan and Jane would have approved.

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