Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I was excited to receive this message from Booking dot com. 
"Hi Alex, your stay at The Dun Horse Inn is less than a week away!

We put together some useful tips and tricks to make the most of your stay. Find out what Kendal is best for and see how close popular attractions are to where you're staying.

It's time to get excited about your trip to Kendal!

Here are some recommended attractions just for you
Make sure you check out these must-see sights close to The Dun Horse Inn:
World of Beatrix Potter is 7.5 mi away
Lake Windermere is 8.2 mi away
Lakes Aqaurium is 9.2 mi away"

I am not sure what an Aqaurium is but I have noted it done for further investigation. The email went on to say that Kendal had been voted as a really good place to do a bit of clothes shopping. 

I have been looking at Abbot Hall and especially it's collection of paintings. There is a lovely watercolour by Ruskin as well as a rather disturbing drawing of some sort of serpent.

 A friend of mine has recently been delving into Ruskin's personal life and while he may not have been the Jimmy Savile of the nineteenth century (Lewis Carroll may have a claim on that one) there is nevertheless a touch of Rolf about him. It's a great pity "Two Little Boys" was one of my grandad's favourite songs and I have, until recently, been trying to learn it on the stylophone. 

My favourite images in the collection are by Romney. A drawing of a little boy watching a kissing couple and an unfinished portrait of General Wolf looking a bit peaky. 

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