Thursday, 3 July 2014


In preparation for my interview I have had a hair cut! This is my first proper trim in quite a few years but I felt I should make an attempt to appear as if I can look after myself. Other reasons have also pushed me toward the hairdresser, the most important being Annabel's description of my hair as "Terry Nutkin-esque". When I was a boy my mother used to style my hair into what my peers called a "Purdy-cut" (they were calling me a few other things at the same time). So, having associated haircuts with humiliation for some time, I was quite impressed I let Guido anywhere near me. Uncomfortably blind (glasses off) I resolutely ignored the poor man's attempts to engage me in conversation while all around other customers chatted to their trichologists about cars and stuff. I left without looking in the proffered mirror.

Earlier I acquired two postcards and a compilation of Wordsworth's poetry. Putting them together creates an interesting effect.

No fountain from its rocky cave
E'er tripped with foot so free,
She seemed as happy as a wave
That dances on the sea.

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