Monday, 25 August 2014

In which I mention Ryan Gander

Oh shit!
I read an interview with Ryan Gander this morning.

I hope the link works, it's very long winded. Anyway Ryan said that if an artist isn't supporting themselves with their work after ten years they should give it up. 

Damn damn damn...

I count this video as the start of my career

Note the date, 2004. I have but three months to get my act together! At this point I should mention that I finished university much earlier than 2004, much much earlier, but choose not to count the intervening "dark ages".  

However before I chuck up everything and just clear off I am reminded that just as an artist is able to magically say "this is art" they also have an uncanny knack of drawing a line demarcating "those that should carry on" and "those that shouldn't" just below their own position. So there is hope for us all

The only thing that really upset me in the interview was that Ryan didn't like artists to do a load of residencies because it was a waste of "Tax payers' money". Actually there were a couple of other things too that sounded a bit Thatcherite but perhaps that's my age showing again. 

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